My chords

My chords is a space where you can create your own guitar chord charts.

To add a chord to My chords, just click on a chord on one of the chord pages. You can try it out in the Guitar chord charts section.

Note! You must enable javascript to make the My chords page rock!

Instructions (click to expand/collapse)

The chords in the chord chart are stored locally in the browser. This means that they will be available the next time you start the same browser on the same device.

Note however…

  • A browser has its own storage so you won’t see a chord chart created with Firefox in Chrome.
  • The chords will be lost if the browser cache is emptied. This can be done by you or by another javascript.
  • This is BETA-functionality and thus under development, therefore there is no guarantee that a chart will be accessible the next time you try to access it.

How to

  • Add a chord – just click on a chord on one of the chord pages. Try it out in the Guitar chord charts section.
  • Sort – drag and drop to sort the chords in the chord chart.
    • In Firefox a chord seems to be selected when dragged. Just click to unselect if desired.
  • Select – click a chord to select it.


  • Print/save image… – opens the chord chart as an image in a new window.
    • Save: right click the chordchart and select save as image…
    • Print: Ctrl-p opens the print dialog.
  • Remove selected – removes the selected chords.
  • Delete… – deletes the chords in the chord chart. A warning dialog will be displayed.

Check- and comboboxes

  • Name – show or hide chord names.
  • Fingers – show or hide finger placement when available.
  • Intervals – show or hide intervals.
  • Notes – show or hide chord notes.
  • Size – selected value specifies chord size.
    • Note! Size 1 and 2 never shows fingering, intervals or notes.