Diminished chord

The diminished chord – construction, intervals, symbols and examples.

The diminished triad chord type is constructed by the first, third and fifth notes of the diminished scale.

More about diminished triads:

Diminished chord chart

Examples of diminished chords. Chord chart with some examples of common diminished chords for the guitar. Diminished chord diagrams.

Diminished chord intervals

The intervals a diminished chord are built of.

Intervals of the diminished chord: perfect unison, minor third, diminished fifth.

Chord formula: 1, b3, b5.

Diminished chord symbols

The chord symbols of the diminished chord.

Symbols: º, dim.

Examples: Aº, Ddim, Cdim.

Diminished chord construction

Construction of the diminished triad.

The diminished triad is built of the intervals a minor third + a minor third.

When building a diminished triad chord we pick every other tone in the diminished scale.

  • The diminished scale intervals: 1, 2, b3, 4, b5, b6, 6, b7.
  • The diminished chord intervals: 1, b3, b5.

Construction of the C diminished triad

The C diminished scale consists of the notes C D Eb F Gb A Ab Bb and thus the C diminished triad is built of the notes C, Eb and Gb.

  1. The interval distance between the notes C and Eb is a minor third (b3).
  2. The interval distance between the notes Eb and Gb is a minor third (b3).
  3. The interval distance between the notes C och Gb is a diminished fifth (b5).