Chord progressions

A chord progression is a serie of chords that is played in a specific order and harmonizes with the melody of a song.

Reusable chord patterns

Just like the melody of a song can be divided into different parts – intro, verse, chorus, bridge and utro – the chord progression of a melody can be divided into the corresponding blocks.

These chord blocks, chord patterns, or combinations of chords, exists because they sound good together. And because they sound good together they are used repeatedly in different songs.

Chord progressions are reused in different songs and there is thus plenty of songs that have the exact same chord progression, despite being different songs with different melodies.

Progressions are free to use

Chord progressions can not be copyright protected. Therefore, you can take the chord progression of one of your favorite songs and use it in your own song.

The only catch is that you must have your own unique melody!

Music style progressions

There are different chord progressions which are typical for different styles of music, such as blues progressions, jazz progressions, folk progressions, pop and rock progressions.